Technical Advice


If your package includes the usage of the projector the following information is given to help you (or your favorite geek) prepare the media and show the images during your event. Failure to read and understand what follows can mean problems on the day of your event.  We want your event to go as smoothly as possible.

Sound or Audio

If you desire sound / music with your projection please talk to our sound man and he will discuss how that can be arranged.

Slideshow or Movie?

Our projector has a built-in slide show feature but it does not have a built in movie player.  In order to play any animated set of images you must supply your own movie player.  We suggest the slideshow option.

If you choose a movie:

You must bring your own equipment to show a movie.  Most people bring a laptop and connect via the VGA port.  You can try the HMDI port but it is subject to gremlins that haunt the electronics and plays tricks on an otherwise perfectly lovely event.  Once connected to the projector you will use the laptop to control the video stream.

Slide Show Tips


Please insure your images within the slide show conform to these requirements.

Max Resolution
Not Progressive
Not Highly Compressed
Not Animated

Use a USB thumb drive to store your images. Insert the thumb drive into the wall panel DO NOT insert anything directly into the back of the projector.

You will want your images to appear in a set order. Our projector automatically shows each image in alphabetical order of its filename. In order for this to occur you should rename each picture with a prefix such as AA, BA, CA, DA etc.

By doing so your AA picture will always be shown first followed by BA and CA etc.

By using two letters if you later want to insert a picture then you can simply increment the second letter. So if you want to insert a picture between BA and CA then add the prefix BB to the file name.  This means you won't have to rename all the file names that follow.

Projector Control

The Tablet on the wall will be your controller for the projector.  Please follow these steps to operate the projector.

  1. If the screen is locked you will need to enter your pin to unlock it.  Your pin is the same security pin that was given to you for our alarm system.
  2. Using the Tablet you should start at  the main screen  ( Press the home button if you are not at the main screen)
  3. Press the projector "power on" button on the tablet.
  4. Pull down the projection screen.
  5. Connect your media ( thumb drive or VGA cable )
  6. On the tablet select the media format you are using.
  7. You should be ready for your presentation.
  8. If you are using the built-in slide show see below (Slide Show Tips)


Switch to Projector Control Screen

  • Swipe the Tablet From Right to Left

  • Now can work with the buttons that control the playing of the actual slide show
  • Swipe to the left to return to the main screen or press the Home Icon

Running the SlideShow

The following is an extract from the projector user manual.

  • Do the following as necessary to locate your files:
  • • If you need to display files inside a subfolder on your device, press the arrow buttons to highlight the folder and press the Enter button.
  • To move back up a folder level on your device, highlight Back to Top and press Enter.
  • To view additional images in a folder, highlight Next page or Previous page and press Enter.

Do one of the following to start your slide show:

  •  To display an individual image, press the arrow buttons to highlight the image and press Enter. (Press the Esc button to return to the file list screen.)
  • • To display a slide show of all the images in a folder, press the arrow buttons to highlight the Slideshow option at the bottom of the screen and press Enter.
  • Note: If any file names are longer than 8 characters or include unsupported symbols, the file namesmay be shortened or changed only in the screen display.


 While projecting, use the following commands to control the display as necessary:

  • To rotate a displayed image, press the up or down arrow button.
  • • To move to the next or previous image, press the left or right arrow button.
  • To stop the display, follow the on-screen instructions or press the Esc button




  • The tablet located in the foyer will control the lights and power at the gazebo
  • Press the wake button if there are no images on the screen.  If it asks for passwords etc.
  • Touch the Gazebo button on the main menu if necessary to see the page with the light buttons.
  • The buttons you see control the following:
    • Perimeter LED -  This on/off control is for the string of lights around the outside of the gazebo.
    • Gazebo Outlet -  This on/off control is for the power outlet resting on the floor of the gazebo.
    • Twin Lights -  This dimmer control is for the two flood lamps.  Note that it is both on/off and a dimmer.
    • Color LED - This controls the string of color LEDs that run half way around the inside ceiling of the gazebo.
    • COLORS - This links to another page that allows the user to change the hue of the Color LEDs.
      • Please note the White/Pastel dimmer button allows you to add white lights to the color to soften the hue.
  • Please turn off any lights when you are done.
  • All lights will turn off at 1 AM.